Video Case RKC Waalwijk Stadium

The miracle of Waalwijk

RKC Waalwijk, a football club located in the peaceful city of Waalwijk (NL), had high ambitions to get back into the Dutch Eredivisie (see last years post for more information on their ambition). And what a fantastic season they had. Check out this video to see what happened:

In the playoffs for promotion they did the unexpected. They took the victory away in the last minute of the final game… and earned promotion to the Dutch Eredivisie.

The miracle of Waalwijk … that is what they called it. But was it really a miracle? Let’s turn back time to the preparations for this amazing season. The club refurbished its 7.500 seat stadium, invested in new fitness facilities and applied new training methods. All this could ofcourse benefit their results, but they also invested in something else…

..Something that gave them clear vision, made them see the ball and their target distintcly, made their yellow and blue colors stand out; AAA-LUX LED lighting!

This is great of course, but to call it a miracle… it’s just our daily business, just like we’ve done it in 48 countries, spread over 5 continents. A more extensive reference list is available upon request, which not only contains more  on professional football references but also on tennis, basketball, athletics and rugby stadiums.