Indoor stadiums

Indoor stadiums

Indoor stadium floodlights

AAA-LUX high power LED floodlights can be used to illuminate any area regardless of the size or dimensions. They are very suitable to illuminate indoor sports stadiums for tennis, basketball and for example cycling and (ice) hockey. With the stadium floodlights from AAA-LUX you light up the whole arena! The LED luminaires produce the right light uniformity and quality to ensure superior indoor lighting.

Indoor lighting

AAA-LUX LED works best at venues with ceiling height of over 12 meter and meets the requirements set by broadcasters and tournament organisers like WTA, Davis Cup, (InCertter)National basketball and the Olympic committee. As a result, visibility is optimal for the players and the audience during matches. The design of the AAA-LUX luminaires is inventive and superior, achieving stunning results for indoor lighting.

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The show must go on!

LED luminaires have the advantage over conventional luminaires that they don’t need to cool down before they can be switched on again. They strike instantly and can be, as such, switched on and off or dimmed as often as one likes. This doesn’t affect the quality of the illumination or the lifespan of the luminaire. Most venues operators use this ability to reduce the total energy consumption. Most use luminaires are WS-series and WS-STAD-series, with the option to combine stadium lighting with entertainment lighting, as shown in the below case study of Asvel Basket in Villeurbanne Lyon France.