LED lighting for Airports

LED lighting for Airports

There are high requirements for airport runway lights. AAA-LUX LED floodlights can withstand the forces of nature and still provide high-quality illumination for airports and runways. The luminaires meet the high illumination standards that are set by international organizations, including those that maintain the safety within the airport industry.

Airports lighting

The LED floodlights are perfectly suited to allow airport operators to illuminate only those areas where illumination is required thus saving energy and reducing the possible negative impact of light spill. Once illumination is required, the LED floodlights will provide the required lux-levels immediately to allow employees to quickly and safely attend to aircrafts parked at the apron. This makes LED floodlights from AAA-LUX the suitable solution for airports lighting.

Airports runway lights

By switching from conventional to LED lighting, the energy consumption of the airport runway lights is reduced by 40-50%. There are no additional investments because the LED luminaires can be replaced one by one. The existing masts can be reused. The Lighting Control and Management System ensures that each luminaire can be controlled remotely. The sole-proprietary software is based on technology used in the aircraft and military industry and the safest wireless communication protocol available. This allows airports to save even more energy (up to 80%) and still deliver the required illumination which is needed for airports lighting.

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