Quality is key

To enable a worldwide distribution of LED floodlighting, quality of product and processes, is an absolute requirement. AAA-LUX is on top of this. For this reason ISO9001:2015 was implemented and upgraded every year.

The production process of AAA-LUX is the proud example of what the company is all about; a top organization with attention for detail. Those who visited the headquarters in Eindhoven, with its main production facility, understand what this means.

Moreover in service & quality management, the worldwide accepted 8D procedure is used to grow the company, improving day by day, every day in every aspect. This leads to a proven quality track record and a long series of product and process certificates.

Given the fact that our products are being used in extreme high temperatures – like in Middle East region – as well as in very cold and wet circumstances – such as ski resorts and arctic areas – for AAA-LUX this quality management is a key factor.

Being a trustworthy manufacturer with reliable product data, light simulations an so on, is also an important quality aspect. As an example, in the Netherlands AAA-LUX signed a code of conduct for NSVV (Dutch Lighting Association) in which you state that you understand and support the meaning of being a reliable company.

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