Other Sports

Any sports, anytime, anywhere

Since 2009 AAA-LUX has a leading position in LED floodlighting for (mainly) outdoor sports. Besides mainstream sports such as football, tennis, rugby, field hockey and golf, AAA-LUX has lighted venues for extremely wide variation of sports.

Some examples: Athletics, Basketball, Lacrosse, Cricket, Inline Skating, Speedskating, Skiing, Ski Jump, BMX, Softball, Australian Football, Horse Riding, Ice Hockey, Korfball … you name it.

We can light up every area using LED lighting on masts, preferable 12 meter or higher. Everything is possible!

Thanks to smart controls, AAA-LUX has installed many multi-sports-areas, all with their own specific light scenes the requirements. With different dimming levels it’s easy to switch to the part of the field and the level of lighting needed. If a sports needs less power, it takes you just a click to save energy.