Other Sports lighting

Other Sports lighting

Since 2009 AAA-LUX has a leading position in LED floodlighting for (mainly) outdoor sports. Besides mainstream sports such as football, tennis, rugby, field hockey and golf, AAA-LUX delivered sports lighting for extremely wide variation of sports. Some examples: Athletics, Basketball, Lacrosse, Cricket, Inline Skating, Speedskating, Skiing, Ski Jump, BMX, Softball, Australian Football, Horse Riding, Ice Hockey, Korfball … you name it.

LED lighting for sport fields

We can light up every area using LED lighting on masts, preferable 12 meter or higher. Everything is possible! Thanks to the smart techniques of AAA-LUX, it is possible to reuse the existing infrastructure. This means that no additional investments are needed for extra masts. In addition, the LED luminaires have such a low weight and windage that more luminaires can be placed on a mast. An equivalent or better light quality is produced with fewer floodlights.

The switch from conventional light to LED lighting immediately produces a 40-50% reduction in energy consumption. The savings can even amount to 80% thanks to the smart control system. All lights are dimmable, so that the desired light level can be set at any time. Fully tuned to the specific requirements of each type of sport. When used intelligently, this provides further savings without compromising on superior light quality.

Searching for a sustainable and efficient solution for lighting sport fields? Get in contact by sending us an email at info@aaa-lux-lighting.com or give us a call +31 (0)40 78 202 78.