Lighting solution for cycle and athletics track

Porthmouths’ premier sporting facility, under LED light

The Mountbatten Leisure centre is set in a park adjacent to the shore at the northern end of Portsmouth. This particular centre is known to be the city’s premier sporting facility and has hosted many national and international sporting events. A major redevelopment of the centre took place recently and includes many new amenities such as a 50m pool, 150-station fitness suite and an eight lane athletics track and a cycle track. The cycle and athletics track was in need of a lighting solution which suited both of these sporting activities and could accommodate the differing lighting levels. The picture shows a dimmed training level of the athletics track only.

AAA-LUX partner Abacus were enlisted to provide a top class sports lighting system for the leisure centre, to facilitate the cycle and athletics track. The most cost effective LED solution to achieve this particular specification were the AAA-LUX WS-Series LED floodlights. 45 floodlights were installed in total, with differing numbers covering 9, 18 metre masts and 3, 12 metre masts depending on desired lighting levels.

Substantial energy savings

AAA-LUX’ high performance WS-series LED floodlights are specifically designed for sports lighting applications. This provides a more flexible user control with the AAA-LUX control management system. Instant startup allows the floodlighting to be turned on and off as and when required which reduces power consumption from wasted light, and flexible dimming down to 10% for low use and security gives substantial energy savings over traditional HID lamps. This consequently benefits the leisure centre as cost is kept to a minimum. The track also required different lighting levels when hosting athletics to when it hosts cycling activities, so the instant start up allows staff to change the lighting levels to suit each sporting activity exactly when needed. This subsequently maximises energy savings between use of the track when there is little downtime between activities.

Fully functional

The cycle and athletics track is now fully functional once more thanks to the AAA-LUX sports floodlighting. Cyclists, runners and athletes are now taking full advantage of the track under the new LED floodlighting, which provide a safe environment to enjoy a wide range of sporting activities.