Peter Vermaas in the spotlight as the new CEO of AAA-LUX

AAA-LUX kicks off the new year with an important announcement. Peter Vermaas has been appointed by the shareholders as CEO of AAA-LUX with effect from 1 January 2021. Peter previously fulfilled the role as CCO of AAA-LUX. This is the next step in the further professionalization and expansion of the organization. AAA-LUX has the ambition to achieve strong and healthy global growth in the coming years.

Sustainable accessible LED lighting

In 2009, AAA-LUX was the first in the world to introduce a LED replacement for 2,000w conventional sports field luminaires. AAA-LUX is now active in more than 50 countries and more than 3000 projects have been realized. Peter Vermaas: “Our goal is to make sustainable LED lighting for high mast applications more accessible worldwide. While AAA-LUX has put a lot of energy into stabilizing its organization and products in the past period, in 2021 our focus will shift to further expanding our sustainable footprint”.

Our worldwide partners are served from the head office in Eindhoven. In addition to our production, our R&D, Service, Quality and Sales Support Team departments are also located in Eindhoven. AAA-LUX also has a branch in Malaysia and Australia from where we can offer local support.

Vermaas: “It is important to be present in strategic regions with support on sales, service, stocks and application in order to be able to serve our partners worldwide with the right speed and quality, we will also continue to do so in the future”.

New powerful Gen7 luminaire

At the same time AAA-LUX introduces the new luminaire Gen7. This makes it possible to produce the same light quality with 15% less luminaires. Vermaas: “In addition, the Gen7 luminaires offer a solution in the prevention of light spill around sports parks that can cause nuisance to homes. The light spill regulations are becoming increasingly demanding, as evidenced by the tightened CIE150 light spill standard. With the RS (Reduced Spill) technology, AAA-LUX is able to remove light spill around sports fields and industrial sites. This means more light on the field and minimal light around it, in accordance with the CIE150 standard”.

With the powerful AAA-LUX luminaires it is possible to re-use existing light masts, which keeps costs low. The combination of more light, lower weight and less light pollution makes AAA-LUX an interesting player for recreational and professional sports clubs worldwide”.

Vermaas: “AAA-LUX is a great group of dedicated people working with a sustainable product that contributes to a better future. A global player with all the expertise in-house, enabling us to respond flexibly to changes in the market and to bring the most innovative products to the market again and again. I have a lot of faith in AAA-LUX. The current organization is ready for our sustainable future!”.

For further questions please contact AAA-LUX Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

AAA-LUX Eindhoven
AAA-LUX Marketing: Minka Dijkstra

Ski resort Super Besse in France

Superlight, SuperTeam, SuperBesse

Last winter AAA-LUX France installed new lighting at the ski resort Super Besse – Puy de Sancy, located in the Department of Puy-de-Dôme in France. The on piste skiing consists of 43 km distributed on 27 tracks (5 green, 9 blue, 9 red and 4 black) between 1300 m and 1840 m altitude, on the south-eastern slope of Puy de Sancy. AAA-LUX lighted three of the slopes with a higher color temperature light compared to the existing sodium lighting, to increase visibility and safety on the tracks. Controls are centralized at one location in the valley.

Besides Super Besse AAA-LUX has supplied many other lighting projects for winter sports in recent years. Some highlights are ski slopes at Alpe D’Huez in France, Saalbach Hinterglemm in Austria, ski jump in Seefeld Austria, ice hockey in Norway and a huge winter sports area in Estonia, with biathlon and cross Country stadiums and long ski tracks in the forest.  

Triple A under the Sun

Partnership Lumsport

The partnership between LumSport was an almost immediate success. With similar ambitions in how to become successful and enjoy life at the same time, at the perfect location.

Since a couple of years dozens of projects have been realised, mostly in football. This video is about three of these projects in the sunny Barcelona region in Catalunya.

Costa Brava

Torrella de Montgri, at the coastline of the Costa Brava, was one of the first to adopt AAA-LUX lighting at a new artificial field. The accommodation breaths quality, with fencing, a sprinkler installation and lighting installation, all brand new and well build.

Remote monitoring

The municipality of La Roca del Vallès did three projects at once with 40 luminaires in total. The projects located just east of the city of Granollers are all connected to a central computer for controls and remote monitoring.

Football Academy

Last but not least the private Football Academy Fundación Marcet in the city of Barcelona. The academy has produced an impressive list of football players and trainers for today’s International football market.

New talent

AAA-LUX is proud to be selected as the supplier to illuminate all fields, for the best circumstances to grow new talent.

Partner Lumsport

LumSport is located in the city of Tàrrega, just east of Lleida in Spain.

More information:  

September 7 Sport Expo in Ahoy!

On September 7, 2019, AHOY Rotterdam is the place for the event that focuses on challenges within sports, knowledge sharing and networks. During this informative and valuable day, the visitor follows an interactive program including workshops. All challenges within the sports sector are addressed. After the Sport Expo, everyone goes home more successfully. Masterclasses, training and product presentation and get in touch with business partners within the sport.

We will also be there.
Mr. Erik Swennen, CTO at AAA-LUX, will give a presentation on LED lighting. We can also be found at booth # 65

Sign up now, tickets are free available through:

Clutch hanger

Provide ease of use and extra savings by linking light control and hanging board

Maximum savings are now possible by linking your court reservation board – via KNLTB or All United – to the controls of AAA-LUX. This allows members to reserve a court, after which the lighting is automatically switched on and off. The light only goes on on the courts where the game is played and no longer than necessary.

More control and insight into energy consumption

The InControl system from AAA-LUX gives you full control over the light and also provides online insight into your energy consumption and real-time status of your lighting.
We help you make the link. The link can be realized quickly, and we would like to help you. In the context of GDPR, we can inform you that no personal data is shared with us.

National Sport Trade Fair 2019

Visit us at the National Sport Trade Fair 2019!

Are you responsible for the sports sector within your municipality (at both policy and manager level), are you on the board of a sports association, or do you support your sports association in another way (think of association manager, accommodation manager, equipment manager, committee member or trainer )? Then the National Sport Trade Fair is for you!

During this fair you will come into contact with suppliers and service providers who can support your municipality and / or sports association with facility tenders and you will discover the latest innovations in the sports world.

We will also be there!
AAA-LUX will hold a knowledge session in which we inform you about ‘Making your sports accommodation more sustainable with regard to LED sports field lighting’.
This takes place at 3:30 PM.

You will also find us at booth # 225 where we will be happy to inform you further. You can register via this link !

BOSA subsidy scheme adjusted!

In 2020, the BOSA subsidy scheme will change compared to 2019

The BOSA scheme (promotion of the construction and maintenance of sports facilities) subsidizes 20% of the costs for the construction or maintenance of sports facilities. When a sustainable investment is made, such as the purchase of AAA-LUX LED sports field lighting, as a sports association you are entitled to an additional 10% subsidy. In 2020 you can therefore receive a total of 30% subsidy on your investment in LED lighting!

First come, first served!

For the year 2020, a total budget of € 80 million is available for the BOSA subsidy scheme. For every sports club there are equal opportunities to claim a subsidy within the budget. However, it is true that the club that completes the application first is also more likely to claim the subsidy. If you are planning to invest in LED lighting, you would therefore do well not to wait until the end of the year. AAA-LUX has a lot of experience in applying for a subsidy for LED sports field lighting, we are happy to share this experience with you! Please rest assured Contact for more information or tailor-made advice.

Amount of the investment

To be eligible for the BOSA scheme, your subsidy application must contain at least € 5,000. With a sustainable investment, which therefore includes the purchase of LED lighting, this amounts to 30% of the total investment. That minimum investment therefore includes € 16,667. The total investment must be made within a maximum period of 12 months. For investments above € 25,000, 80% of the subsidy amount is paid in advance, the remaining 20% will be made available after completion.


AAA-LUX is fully aware of the subsidy schemes regarding LED lighting and has a lot of experience in successfully completing subsidy applications, we are happy to share this knowledge with you. If you want to claim a subsidy through the BOSA scheme, it is best to take action as soon as possible, because the subsidy budget is divided in the order of receipt of complete applications. Please feel free to contact us for support in the application or for tailor-made advice!

source: DUS-I (Service Implementation Subsidies to Institutions)

Less luminaires required for a perfect light image

GEN 7 Luminaires

The new Generation 7 luminaires from AAA-LUX combine a higher light output with the possibility to prevent light nuisance. More and more people are faced with light nuisance, making the light nuisance regulations increasingly important and demanding.

The perfect Lighting solution

In addition, AAA-LUX has found a good solution with GEN 7 to provide tennis clubs with a perfect lighting solution. This is to continue to meet the requirements of light quality with as few luminaires as possible. This is a challenge that AAA-LUX can fulfill well, together with our installing partners.

More info

If you would like more information about the possibilities at tennis clubs as well as information about light nuisance and the tightened CIE150 guideline of the NSVV, please contact us: or call: 040-782 02 72

AREALUX becomes AAA-LUX Australia

6 years ago, AAA-LUX led the way in changing sports field lighting into LED on Australian soil. Now it is time to take the next step. Arealux has been AAA-LUX distribution partner since October 2017 and is now to become AAA-LUX AUSTRALIA making it a full member of the AAA-LUX lighting organisation.

Closer to the customer

“We aim to be closer to the customer”, says Peter Vermaas, CCO at AAA-LUX. “Our headquarters in the Netherlands is quite distant from Down Under. Having our feet on the ground in Brisbane is an important step to support our customers better and faster. We are extremely confident in Michael Read’s team to further grow our sustainable footprint in Australia”. This development is part of AAA-LUX’s desire to expand brand awareness. Michel Read, managing director at AAA-LUX Australia: “AAA-LUX has done 2.500 projects in over 50 countries in the world. We are everywhere but our success is accompanied with a limited brand recognition. It is time we change that in Australia”.        


Founded in 2005 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, by 2009 AAA-LUX had the world first to offer a full retrofit for 2.000 Watt conventional luminaires. Over the next 11 years it became the first in many things: illuminating a sports stadium with LED; supporting a TV broadcasted tournament with LED; and enabling LED lighting on 45 meter high masts.

AAA-LUX Australia managing director Michael Read: “In 2014 AAA-LUX entered the market and now after 6 six years we are happy to become part of the AAA-LUX family. The Australian market is ready for the next step.”  

For questions please contact our office in Brisbane.
1300 AAA LUX  |  1300 222 589
Contact: Micheal Read (Managing Director)
M +61 400 805 553

AAA-LUX Australia - Announcement