AAA-LUX Luminaires

AAA-LUX is constantly improving its products. The LED luminaires become more robust, more powerful and more efficient with each generation. For example, the new Generation 7 (Gen7) fixtures provide a better light performance. And yet these powerful LED lights cause less light pollution. The solution for your sports club or business premises.

Extremely powerful

AAA-LUX’ Generation 7 combines an increased light output with the ability to reduce obtrusive light in the surrounding area. This means that the LED floodlights are extremely powerful.

Less luminaires needed

The low amount of LED luminaires needed to meet lighting requirements, is truly a breakthrough in lighting technology. Using AAA-LUX LED luminaries in stead of conventional lights, the amount of luminaires can be as low as 80 -90 %.
Result: improve the lighting quality with lesser luminaires.

Reduced Spill light

The luminaire is prepared for optimum reduction of obtrusive light. Thanks to the integrated RS technology (Reduced Spill).
Extra reduction is possible by mounting light spill (LS) shields on the luminaries.

Savings Matrix LED Luminaires

Because the light output of the generation 7 luminaire has increased, lesser luminaries are needed. Look at the matrix and see that a football field needed 12 2Kw luminiares for a 150lx light level. You need only 8 Gen7 luminaires to reach the same light level.
Please ask for more Gen7 configurator overviews to compare specific sports accommodations.
Standard light designs are available on request.

RS (Reduced Spill) Technology

Reduce Light Spill
A perfect lit field and at the same time keep neighbors content

Using RS technology, Gen7 luminaires are prepared for an optimum light spill control. It will reduce the amount of light pollution. Light pollution is the presence of unwanted, inappropriate, or excessive artificial lighting.
RS gives the best in class lighting on the field in combination with extreme low spill light for neighboring houses. To comply to the international CIE150 obtrusive light directive, additional light shields (LS) can be mounted.

Our Sales Support Team can assist with making designs that avoid light spill in peoples houses.

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AAA-LUX LED Luminaires: robuust and compact

AAA-LUX LED luminaires