LED lighting for hockey fields

LED lighting for field hockey

Within field hockey, it is important that the players and the public always have a clear view on the ball and the game. LED floodlights offer the solution for high quality lighting, thanks to the daylight temperature they produce.  The light has such a high uniformity that it becomes pleasant for the players and the audience. The AAA-LUX luminaires meet lighting standards and regulations by all international, national and local associations.

Keep installation costs low and reduce energy consumption up to 80%

The unique design of the LED floodlights enable the re-use the masts. In this way, no additional investments are necessary, as the existing infrastructure can be reused. The low weight and windage are important aspects of the design of the LED luminaires. AAA-LUX focuses on maximizing energy savings for hockey clubs. This can be as much as 80%. The wireless control makes it possible to control the floodlights without cabling. This also ensures that the hockey lighting can be controlled at all times. The light intensity can be adjusted to training and competition levels, for example. This gives you control over the energy costs.

Smart control to achieve more savings

Hockey clubs in particular are embracing LED technology worldwide. Hockey club Hurley from Amsterdam is one of them. They know that semi-dynamic automation can contribute to considerable financial savings. But the achieved savings success strongly depends on how members or employees use the light management system. More over light control

Do you have any questions about field lighting for hockey fields? The AAA-LUX team will be pleased to tell you all the details and give you the suitable advice for your hockey club. Send us an email at info@aaa-lux-lighting.com or give us a call +31 (0)40 78 202 78.