LED lighting for 24/7 Industry

LED lighting for 24/7 Industry

A growing number of companies worldwide have 24/7 operations in place. Quality industrial lighting is required to keep the show going. There are several examples of industrial areas where by average 12 hours per day artificial lighting is needed. Industrial LED lights provide the necessary light quality and uniformity required to operate: a 24 hour outdoor test facilities, electricity or water purification plants, production facilities, large outdoor storage locations and of course ports and airports.

Industrial lighting

AAA-LUX provides LED illumination which has the quality and uniformity that gives a daylight impression. Research has shown that this is the most comfortable light for employees to work in. It prevents drowsiness, improves visibility of moving objects and as a result improves response time.

Industrial LED lights can offer a flexible solution, especially in combination with smart light controls and management systems. Giving light when and where needed, and dim or shut down where possible. The average return on investment for AAA-LUX LED floodlights is under three years and when combined with smart AAA-LUX Lighting Control Management System (LCMS), savings of up to 80% can be achieved and ROI can be even faster.

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