LED Outdoor Stadium lighting

LED Outdoor Stadium lighting

LED lighting in sport stadiums is basically about two things; quality lighting and entertainment. Having the best uniformity for players and spectators is one, but doing the same for a TV audience asks even more of luminaires and people. With superior light quality AAA-LUX is able to create a daylight experience. It makes it possible to record high-quality HD footage for TV broadcasts, which meet the requirements of TV stations.

Outdoor LED stadium lights

In sports and in stadiums, it is becoming increasingly important to add entertainment value. Show lighting is more and more accepted and required in professional sport stadiums around the world. As the first manufacturer worldwide, to have done LED lighting in a stadium in 2012, AAA-LUX also has mastered this entertainment aspect. The distance the light has to bridge to illuminate a field and the demand for achieving sufficient horizontal and vertical light to meet the requirements set by the various sports governing bodies, provided challenges for many LED manufacturers. The outdoor LED stadium lights from AAA-LUX offer the suitable solution. High quality LED luminaires provide better illumination, are less demanding on the structure and save significantly on the energy bill.

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In the meantime, mainly using the WS-STAD-series stadium LED luminaires, AAA-LUX has LED references in all levels of professional sports, all the way up to UEFA Level A Elite (Champions League Football), FIH International Hockey Tournaments and in indoor stadiums, Davis Cup Tennis and professional Basketball.