Benefits AAA-LUX lighting

Why choose AAA-LUX LED lighting?

Choosing LED lighting for your club or facility is a process with complex decisions. It’s about quality, costs, user-friendliness and flexibility. Below topics show you why AAA-LUX LED lighting offers so many advantages.

Reduce construction costs: re-use infrastructure

Re-use infrastructure

Reduce construction costs by re-using masts and cables.
The special designed AAA-LUX luminaire is light in weight and less wind sensitive than other luminaires. That is why there is no need for larger masts. The conventional luminaries can easily be replaced by AAA-LUX luminaires.

Why you should choose AAA-LUX LED lighting


Easy light management for AAA-LUX light systems: All luminaires and controllers are digital connected and can be managed and monitored from distance. 

Why you should choose AAA-LUX LED lighting

Gen7 Luminaire

The Gen7 is a robust and compact luminaire. It delivers powerful LED light and consumes less energy.
Successfully used in the most challenging environments.

Why you should choose AAA-LUX LED lighting

Light Spill Control

AAA-LUX offers powerful LED light with less light nuisance. Pleasant for your neighbors and the environment.

Why you should choose AAA-LUX LED lighting

Stadium & TV Broadcast

To broadcast HD-TV from your stadium the light quality has to be at the highest level.
AAA-LUX gives you that excellent quality.  The light systems offers even more: with the ‘Showtime’ function, it creates light shows which will enhance the ambience in the stadium.