LED lighting for stadiums

LED lighting for stadiums

An important part of any stadium is that the stadium lighting is of a high standard. The lighting must be of superior quality so that there is a clear view for players and spectators. Another important factor is that the quality of the light must be such that images can be recorded in HD quality for TV. If you add to that the guidelines of international and national sports federations, you have a serious challenge within a stadium.

Luckily, AAA-LUX offers the solution with its LED floodlights. LED stadium lights are perfect for all kind of sports stadiums. The superior light output, reduced energy usage and possibility to use the existing infrastructure make a perfect match with many sport club’s policies.

Stadium lighting

LED stadium lights are particularly interesting because of the savings potential on the total project price. The switch from conventional lighting to LED lighting immediately produces energy savings of 40%. Thanks to the smart control system, it is possible to increase these savings up to 80%. The light level and intensity can always be set to the desired level and the luminaires do not require any warm-up time. This means that the LED floodlights can also be used for show lighting. In 90% of the cases it is even possible to re-use the existing infrastructure, which means there is no need for additional investment in extra masts, for example.

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