LED lighting – Products for each purpose

Since 2009 AAA-LUX produces high-quality LED solutions for high mast lighting. Throughout the years the innovative technologies and LED floodlights have been continuously improved. AAA-LUX has developed several products that are specifically tailored to the relevant industry. The basic principle of each product is to produce superior lighting quality while complying with applicable light quality and light spill guidelines.

LED floodlights

Therefore AAA-LUX presents LED floodlights for sports lighting, stadium lighting and industrial lighting. Aiming to illuminate large areas in the best possible way. AAA-LUX has developed the WS series (Gen6) for amateur sports fields, which has been used to light up thousands of sports fields on five continents. Applicable within a wide range of sports. AAA-LUX recently introduced the new and improved Gen7 luminaires, also suitable for the high-quality illumination of amateur sports fields.

Stadium lighting has its own characteristics and requirements. That is why AAA-LUX developed the WS-STAD-series (Gen6) to light indoor and outdoor stadiums. Furthermore AAA-LUX has developed the AL-series (Gen6) for industrial applications. Such as parking lots, airports and other large areas. The new Gen7 luminaires are also designed for industrial applications.

LED technology

Another category is LCMS, short for Light Control & Management System, referring to AAA-LUX proprietary controls. These can be used in combination with all AAA-LUX luminaires. This smart technology makes it possible to achieve extensive energy savings. Finally, AAA-LUX presents the RS technology that meets the applicable requirements with regard to light spill.

Please select a category for more technical details. If you have any questions about our products and applications, get in touch with the AAA-LUX team. Send us an email at info@aaa-lux-lighting.com or give us a call +31 (0)40 78 202 78.