Grants on LED lighting

Grants for LED sport field lighting

 It’s the roof insulation of the clubhouse, the boiler for the showers and the LED floodlights that during the dark hours make a sport a sport.

In The Netherlands sports clubs can apply for a grant for investments in sustainable measures for their sports facilities, including LED sport field lighting. The grant scheme called “Energy saving and sustainable energy sports facilities” contributes to the goal of energy savings.

During 2018 the Dutch government increased the total grant amount. In for 2019 the grant pot will will hold the record breaking amount of 87 million euros.

More and more countries in Europe and abroad offer grants to stimulate investments in sustainable energy measures.  To apply for such a grant scheme in your country, please contact our sales partners.

Our partners offer advice on issues when preparing grant applications.

More information about the Dutch grant can also be found here.

More information about the German grant can also be found here.