LED lighting for golf courts

LED lighting for golf courts

Imagine working all day and wanting to play golf afterwards to relax a bit and enjoy yourself. Then you don’t want any troubles following the ball because the light isn’t bright enough. Therefore, premium light quality and uniformity are important for golf clubs and golf lighting. AAA-LUX LED lighting makes it possible to play golf even at night. Superior light quality is achieved and thus meets all applicable quality standards.

Day light quality and saving up to 80% on energy

At the same time, AAA-LUX LED floodlights achieve major energy savings compared to conventional light. By reusing the existing infrastructure and masts, 40-50% less energy is consumed. The design of the LED floodlights is very distinctive compared to other luminaires thanks to their low weight and windage. The same lighting quality is achieved with fewer luminaires. Thanks to smart technologies, additional savings are possible due to the wireless control system. The light level can be dimmed at any time, giving people control over energy use. Savings can be as high as 80%.

AAA-LUX ensures you the best playing experience

In the Middle-East regional, where playing golf during daytime is not recommended due to the temperature, AAA-LUX offers over 250 lux on the holes and sometimes over 500 lux at the driving range. It ensures a perfect playing experience. The AAA-LUX LED luminaires are an interesting option for golf clubs. The combination of high light uniformity, significant energy savings and smart technologies are unrivalled in the market. Choose for sustainability and efficiency with AAA-LUX sports lighting.

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