LED lighting for training centers

LED lighting for training centers

As a sports club, you want your players to be able to train unhindered. But you also want to have the flexibility as a club to use high-powered lighting when necessary and to dim the light intensity when possible. Luckily a growing number of professional clubs invest in high quality LED lighting to offer the best circumstances for their training accommodations where most of the time is spent. AAA-LUX offers a great solution for training center lighting.

Training center lighting

Not only the training accommodation has a high number of illumination hours, and therefore a very interesting energy reduction potential. A high lighting uniformity and color rendering allows for pleasant playing conditions and a good basis for TV cameras, both for broadcasting and player analysis. For this reason it’s beneficial for professional clubs to switch to LED lighting. LED lighting in general saves 40% already compared to conventional lighting. AAA-LUX has developed a smart control system that makes it possible to reduce the energy consumption up to 80%. The wireless control system makes it possible to always switch on the desired light level. The LED luminaires do not require any warm-up time either, which means that they can be switched on quickly. By using the system intelligently, far-reaching savings are possible.

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