LED lighting for training centers

LED lighting for training centers

Luckily a growing number of professional clubs invest in high quality LED lighting to offer the best circumstances for their training accommodations where most of the time is spent.

Not only the training accommodation has a high number of illumination hours, and therefore a very interesting energy reduction potential. A high lighting uniformity and color rendering allows for pleasant playing conditions and a good basis for TV cameras, both for broadcasting and player analysis.

For this reason it’s beneficial for professional clubs to switch to LED lighting.

LED lighting in general saves 40% already compared to conventional lighting. AAA-LUX has developed a smart control system that makes it possible to reduce the energy consumption up to 80%.

AAA-LUX has an impressive reference list, working for professional football clubs in Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and the Dutch and Danish highest leagues. Moreover, professional tennis, hockey, basketball, rugby and other sports in 5 continents across the globe.