Parking Lots

Light (only) when and where needed

Why waste energy on using full-power to illuminate an area at times when it is hardly used? As conventional light sources have a warm-up time, most operators resort to keeping the lights on all time rather than switch them off and having to wait for several minutes to get the required illumination levels once they are switched on again.

AAA-LUX LED floodlight luminaires can be dimmed to save energy and switched on when the presence of people is detected by a sensor, or when a central command instructs the lights to come on again. LED floodlights are, therefore, the ultimate solution for all parties involved. Customers can enjoy a well-illuminated facility while owners can achieveĀ  maximum energy savings. As the beams of the luminaires can be directed exactly to provide illumination where required, the AAA-LUX luminaires can be used in urban areas to illuminate facilities like parking lots, without causing stray light.

AAA-LUX luminaires can be dimmed directly on the DC current through the LED. This reduces any technical interference and improves the picture quality of CCTV monitors.