AAA-LUX Quality & Service program

For an impeccable usage of our LED lighting products, quality and service are key. The basic product design is not the only thing to play a key role in the wellbeing of our equipment. The environment, the infrastructure and usage of the lighting system, have a vital influence.

AAA-Service is a series of services for product warranty, for protecting the equipment to prevent issues from happening and in the event of a service request, offer a fast and accurate response.

Currently the AAA-Service is package deal concept consisting of 4 services:


3 year standard warranty for all luminaires installed before 2017

5 year standard warranty for all luminaires installed from 2017 onwards

Upgrade possible to 10 years

 Service & Repair

Response within 48 hours

Certified Repair Centers Worldwide

Remote support when using Control Box 2.0


Free of charge spare part logistics



In combination with control box 2.0

Automatic Energy Usage Monitoring

Automatic Health Checks