LED lighting for tennis courts

LED lighting for tennis courts

AAA-LUX provides LED floodlights for tennis court lighting that ensure clear visibility on the ball, lines and players thanks to its daylight color temperature. Due to a high uniformity the perceived light quality increases and so will the comfort of players and audience. AAA-LUX has developed high quality LED luminaires which can be positioned in a wide variation of mast positions. The tennis lights produce high-performance illumination. With the AAA-LUX luminaries your tennis club is ready to reach all standards that a local or national regulation could ask for.

Tennis court lighting

The LED floodlights are designed with the existing infrastructure in mind. In order to reuse masts, low weight and windage are key aspects to keep investments as low as possible. In that case there aren’t any additional investments required. As a result, LED tennis lights are accessible for more tennis clubs. For the same reason AAA-LUX developed wireless controls so dimming the light is possible without the use of control cabling. The controls can be used standalone or even more advanced. This way, the intensity of the tennis lights can be controlled at all times. This leads to significant energy savings of up to 80%.

Society is growing, which leads to more housing in the vicinity of sport facilities. This leads to a challenge for tennis clubs. More people come into contact with light spill and there are stricter light spill regulations. The RS technology from AAA-LUX offers a solution. It keeps the light within the targeted zone, while maintaining an optimum uniformity.

Please get in contact with AAA-LUX if you are searching for a sports lighting for tennis courts. We are happy to give you more details on the project. Send us an email at info@aaa-lux-lighting.com or give us a call +31 (0)40 78 202 78.