Railways lighting

Railway lighting

Illumination of railways is not only a matter of light quality, it is a matter of keeping unplanned interruptions for maintenance to the lowest level. Therefore, superior light quality and high-performance railway lights are necessary. The smart LED technologies from AAA-LUX are the suitable solution for railway lighting.

Railway lights

AAA-LUX LED floodlights require little maintenance and can be monitored by remote if needed. This is where the smart and wireless control system from AAA-LUX comes in. It saves time and improves the efficiency of the facility as it is no longer required to shut down the complete facility for maintenance. As soon as you switch from conventional light to LED lighting, the existing infrastructure within industrial lighting can often be reused. The smart design of the LED floodlights ensures that a lower number of luminaires produces equivalent or better light. Add to that the lower weight and windage and the first energy savings are already being realized. The smart control system makes it possible to adjust the light level completely according to one’s own wishes. This further increases the savings because the lights do not always have to be on at full strength.

In areas where glare is considered to be a problem, which is sometimes the case when train drivers approach large marshalling yards, glare can be reduced by using light shields. Therefore the light spill will be reduced. It means it is possible to increase lighting quality as well as safety at the same time.

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