LED lighting for sports

LED lighting for sports

 AAA-LUX supplies LED lighting for all possible outdoor sports fields. It’s AAA-LUX’s strength to create a high uniformity while just using a limited number of luminaires. In 90% of all cases AAA-LUX is able to re-use the existing masts and cabling of a sports venue for it’s LED technology, this is pretty much unique in LED sports lighting. Therefore no additional investments are needed. This makes LED lighting better accessible for more and more sports clubs.

LED sports lighting

Improve the quality of the lighting on your sports venue and save on energy cost, maintenance cost and CO2 emission at the same time. AAA-LUX’s mission is to make sustainable high-power LED lighting accessible for more and more people. With AAA-LUX LED lighting you can reach to a better quality, using less energy. Besides that, it’s possible to switch the lighting into the desired level at any time. You might not always need to use the full power of your lighting, in this case you can dim your lighting to a lower level and reduce your energy consumption. In many cases you might also qualify to available governmental grants, as a sports club. Therefore, always inform about possibilities to obtain these grants!


LED floodlighting for all sports fields

AAA-LUX delivers LED lighting to sports clubs that are active in many different sports. We supply our sustainable LED lighting in many different sport, including: soccer, tennis, rugby, hockey, cricket and golf. Discover what our sustainable and yet effective solutions could do for your sports club. Please click on you sports below, or scroll down for more information.