LED lighting for Industry

Robust and reliable lighting

Lighting for 24/7 industries is all about reliability, low maintenance cost, service and creating a safe working environment for people and equipment in operation around the clock. An important feature of AAA-LUX LED luminaires is a weight and windage that is similar to conventional luminaires. This enables a retrofit LED lighting solution by re-using existing masts and cabling and keeping the investment is at its lowest while having high quality luminaire at the same time. Besides offering robust luminaires and a multifunctional lighting control systems, AAA-LUX can monitor the health of lighting equipment. More information on AAA-Service (monitoring & health checks). The daylight colour temperature of our luminaires keeps visibility and alertness at its possible best. This is an important feature to significantly increase safety and productivity while working at night time, especially compared to the yellow-ish light of sodium lighting.