LED lighting for rugby fields

LED lighting for rugby fields

Rugby is a contact sport that is played at the cutting edge. This requires full attention and optimum performance. This means that both in training and in matches high level field lighting is required. The LED luminaires of AAA-LUX produce top quality light with a high uniformity and daylight color temperature. It ensures that the players always have a clear view of the ball, the pitch and the players. The LED floodlights for rugby field lighting therefore also comply with all regulations of the international and national rugby associations.

Keep costs low and save on energy consumption

The LED floodlights provide the highest quality of light and in reality require fewer luminaires. This means that in most cases the existing masts can be reused. In addition, the AAA-LUX fixtures are lower in weight and windage. This allows rugby clubs to keep the costs low and additional investments to be avoided. The AAA-LUX technology enables additional energy savings. The wireless controls offer the option of dimming the lights. Thus, the club can choose the desired light intensity and, through clever use, the savings increase significantly. More over light control

Light spill regulations

AAA-LUX RS Technology also makes it possible to limit light spill without compromising light quality and uniformity. The regulations concerning light spill are becoming increasingly strict, as are the requirements from sports associations concerning light quality. AAA-LUX offers the solution with its high-quality LED floodlights, equipped with the latest techniques. More over light spill

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