LED light systems for football

LED football lighting

AAA-LUX supplies LED football floodlights that provide optimal visibility on the ball, lines and players. Our LED technology and football floodlights provide more and better lighting with high uniformity. The lighting that our floodlights produce feels just like daylight, that’s pleasant for players and audience. AAA-LUX has developed multiple types of luminaires with a wide variation of mast positions. Because of this and the high quality of light, AAA-LUX LED field lighting complies to all requirements of the FIFA, national and local associations.

Reduce energy consumption up to 80%

Our LED football field lights are developed in such a way that they can be installed on the existing masts and cabling. Thanks to the low weight and windage of the luminaires we can re-use the existing infrastructure in 9 out of 10 cases. This means there are no necessary additional investments needed and the costs are limited. This way, AAA-LUX makes LED football field lights accessible for more and more soccer clubs. The intensity of the lighting can be switched at any moment, it’s for instance possible to switch to a lower level when the full power of the lighting is not needed. In total, the energy savings with LED football floodlights can even be reduced up to 80%!

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Superior light quality and smart control

Because of the high uniformity of the light, smart solutions of our control system and the reduction of light spill,  the AAA-LUX LED luminaires are an interesting option for football clubs. By choosing LED football lighting you choose for an option that’s both sustainable and efficient. Giving your football club and it’s players the boost that it deserves, namely the best illumination with your football field lights!