High temperature LED luminaires in Dubai

Special high temperature LED Luminaires for the Middle East region.

In cooperation with Abacus Lighting, our partner for the Middle East region, we completed a rugby field at North London Collegiate School in Dubai. AAA-LUX WS-series High Temperature LED luminaires (certified for use in 50 degrees Celsius) have been installed on four Abacus Base Hinged Masts. It is one of many new projects in the Middle East region.

End result : deliver your promise

For Kirit Panchal, head of business for Abacus Lighting in Dubai, it was clear that although the customer initially was a bit sceptical he was extremely pleased with the end result. “I could see how pleased he felt seeing AAA-LUX LED light in operation and knowing that his own team will no longer have to depend on any outside agencies for operation and maintenance of the floodlighting system. When your solution is able to deliver your promise, not only your customers are happy but it also gives you tremendous encouragement to do more. The quality of light delivered by AAA-LUX LED Sports Floodlights is quite impressive and pleasing to eyes. The customer said, our products and solutions are ‘better than the best’ (his perceived best). Customer experience is not a project or a thing, but a living and growing relationship”.

We couldn’t agree more.