AAA-LUX at Smart City Barcelona

Speech on future of sports lighting

Smart City Expo wants to empower cities and collectivize urban innovation across the globe. Through promoting social innovation, establishing partnerships and identifying business opportunities, the event is dedicated to creating a better future for cities and their citizens worldwide. Relevant for lighting for example, could be a further digital transformation and more attention for a healthy environment.

Erik Swennen, CTO and founder of AAA-LUX, will attend as a speaker at the Smart City World Congress in Barcelona.

AAA-LUX has been requested to present its view on the consequences of urbanization on light pollution as well as carbon footprint around sport accommodations. And how to integrate sports lighting into smart and healthy city networks, using for example RS technology (reduced spill light) and InControl (lighting management systems), to protect people and motivate optimal use. Even with only 30 meters between sports fields and housing, it is very well possible to have high quality lighting on the field while shielding the light from reaching peoples living rooms. In addition the use of controls limits the light to the location needed, the time needed and the level needed, and not more. This leads to optimum light spill control and a vast reduction of carbon footprint.

AAA-LUX wants to learn from cities and municipalities how they would like to monitor and motivate the use of such tools, what data is required, and what is needed in the near future.