RS Technology

Cherish the light, Respect the darkness

The urbanization of society leads to more housing in the close proximity of outdoor sports accommodations. Due to this, light spill regulations become more important and more demanding.

At the same time the need for higher light quality on the sports fields increases, in the shape of light level and uniformity. Manufacturers face the challenge to offer better light with less light spill, two elements that (can) contradict.

Recently AAA-LUX introduced the RS technology. It keeps the light within the targeted zone, while maintaining an optimum uniformity. At the same time it limits spill light to the direct surrounding area to an absolute minimum, far within E1 – 4 regulations. During early 2019 the RS technology was tested at several locations in Europe, among which the Marco van Basten Sports Park in Utrecht, The Netherlands. In this picture you can clearly see how the light is cut off, just outside the field. This to protect the people living less than 20 meters away, in the houses across the street. Here in the city of Utrecht, the E3 norm was required which would mean 10.000 cd at the first house. However with RS it is possible to get close to E1 which is 2.500 cd. Obviously the distance to the first house determines what is possible.  

The test at the Marco van Basten Sports Park was done with a Class III field (125lux) and Class II field (200 lux) with a high uniformity. AAA-LUX’ unique design with 8 LED modules, keeps weight and windage extremely low and at the same time the modules enable a high uniformity. RS Technology builds further on these basics and protects the surrounded area from obtrusive light. Also the upward light (ULR) is down to zero.

AAA-LUX offers technology for clubs and municipalities, to cherish the light but at the same time respects the darkness.