Circular Economy: “Offer light instead of luminaires”

“Sustainability is a top priority,” says Wim van Velzen from AAA-LUX. AAA-LUX, manufacturer of dimmable LED luminaires for sports and industry, participates in the Rabobank Circular Economy Challenge.


AAA-LUX always thinks about the next step, a better circular approach. Van Velzen: “We want to further extend the life of our lamps and stimulate re-use. If it is up to us, a customer will soon lease light with us. If the luminaires lifecycle ends after its average life of 20 years, then we are responsible for the replacement and recycling of the product. Think of it as a light subscription, we offer light instead of luminaires”


Challenges such as these fit into the innovation strategy of AAA-LUX. “Our participation in the Circular Economy Challenge helps to accelerate certain developments,” concludes Van Velzen.