The demand for Light & Dark 

Why would you want darkness when investing in lighting?

Sports field lighting? Yes of course! A beautiful and evenly lit field, that is what athletes and spectators want. But what makes our profession as a producer even more interesting is the demand for darkness. Or rather; the combination of light (on the field) and dark (in the immediate vicinity).


Light Spill Control

Over the years, AAA-LUX systems have developed LED luminaires with fantastic light on the sports field and at the same time limiting the caused to local residents and nature to a realistic minimum. Think of reducing stray light, limiting the view in the lamps or using simple control technology only bring light where, when and at the moment that is needed … and not more than that.


Reducing light spill for a good cause

Moreover, in this way we contribute together to a greener world. The less light is wasted, the less energy is needed, the less unnecessary CO2 emissions.