Case study AZ Alkmaar Training Center

AZ Alkmaar uses AAA-LUX LED technology to develop youth

The Dutch top-flight football club AZ Alkmaar has the ambition to be a regular contender for both the domestic as well as international leagues. The development of their own players is a cornerstone of their policy to achieve their ambition. The club invested heavily in their latest training center where AAA-LUX LED technology and luminaires now enable talented players to practice unhindered.

The story of AZ Alkmaar reads like a fairytale. The modest club from Alkmaar, close to Amsterdam, thrusted into the spotlight in the mid-1990’s when a businessman took over the reins of the club. His wealth, combined with the vision of the management team that consisted of many former top athletes, managed to establish the foundation. The club also invested heavily in its facilities. In 2006 it opened a new stadium and in the autumn of 2016 its training center became reality.

Field lighting

The training center of AZ Alkmaar boasts several artificial and natural grass fields. The majority of the fields are illuminated with AAA-LUX LED technology. “The AAA-LUX luminaires produce a light that matches daylight quality. Good quality illumination that matches daylight is important for players in their quest to make it to the first team,” Michel van Dooren of AAA-LUX says “Players always require the best visibility possible in order to be able to act and react. It takes a goalkeeper, for instance, 0.5 to 0.7 seconds to respond to a penalty kick taken. Before he can do so, he’ll have lost 0.15 to 0.2 seconds already to get into motion. As it takes a penalty 0.45 seconds to cover the distance from the spot to the goal line, the ability to stop the penalty kick much relies on the ability by the keeper to see and predict the action of the player. The quality of the light is vital in this.”

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