UEFA Women’s champions league under AAA-LUX

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LED in Hoffenheim’s Dietmar Hopp Stadium.

Since this summer the Dietmar Hopp Stadium of Bundesliga Klub TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in Germany is illuminated with LED, supplied by AAA-LUX. The stadium is used by the women’s first team, they became 3rd in the UEFA Woman’s Champions League group stage after Barcelona and Arsenal.

When TSG 1899 Hoffenheim found their way up to the German 1st Bundesliga, the Dietmar Hopp Stadium was the stadium they played in. Since the new Rhein-Neckar-Arena was built the Dietmar Hopp Stadium was used for the First Women’s team. The success of that team has led to the UEFA Champions League which is played for live television.

The venue is now illuminated with 114 x LED luminaires, resulting in UEFA Level C in addition to 1.000lux towards the main TV camera, according to DFB regulations. This way the stadium is fit for matches under the DFB as well as the UEFA flag.

Cost savings

A key factor in saving costs was to re-use the existing masts, while increasing the light levels. The light weight and compact design of the AAA-LUX luminaires allowed the 4 x 35 meter masts, which means a cost saving. Also being able to keep the driver in top of the mast, leads to substantial lower installation cost.      

Reduction of spill light

Although the stadium is located in the middle of an urban area – houses are as close as 50 meters from the edge of the field – AAA-LUX managed to reduce light spill substantially using RS technology and light shields. The German K-wert requirement is best compared with the most recent international CIE150 light spill directive. Of course for a stadium with a TV lighting requirement you can only go so far, but compared to the old light spill level, the reduction is significant.

AAA-LUX Germany

AAA-LUX Germany is operated by Kempf GmbH, that manages all AAA-LUX projects in Germany and Austria. The cooperation with Hoffenheim originated since 2014 when AAA-LUX Germany started to illuminate TSG’s training accommodations in the region of Hoffenheim and Sinsheim.