AAA-LUX from Eindhoven already 5 years in Australia

The Netherlands Up-Above, in Down-Under

Last March it was exactly 5 years ago that AAA-LUX delivered the first project in Australia. From then on, things went quickly. At first, AAA-LUX mainly delivered projects in the province of Queensland, around Brisbane where the base of AAA-LUX is located. The densely populated province of Victoria soon followed, particularly around Melbourne.

Recently, however, Calwell, a city near the capital Canberra, was the first project in the province of New South Wales. According to Minister of Sport, Yvette Berry, the new lighting for Calwell is part of a government investment to improve local sports facilities. “This upgrade offers competition lighting in different intensities,” said Berry. “Whether it is on a professional or recreational level, the high-quality lighting will offer both players and fans, who watch from the sidelines, better visibility.

Sports participation in Canberra is very high and the quality of the AAA-LUX LED lighting helps us to meet the demand for better sports accommodations. ”

Case Study Calwell