Quality matters in tennis court lighting

Sales people always claim selling the best solution available. These 4 YouTube clips of WTA and ATP tennis games at 4 different venues clearly show why AAA-LUX LED illumination is superior.

Illuminating a tennis court correctly requires much more than installing several good quality luminaires, especially when the games are televised. Players, officials and spectators want to be able to see every detail. They want to be able to anticipate quickly and they want to see whether a ball is in or out.

When the game is televised, TV broadcasters demand intense vertical light and uniform light in order to avoid shade being show and to ensure the faces and ball will be visible from any angle. They also want to present the venue in the best possible way.

The four clips below show WTA & ATP tennis games around the globe. Take a close look at:
– The illumination of the tennis court and outer areas itself
– The presence / absence of shade
– The uniformity of the light
– The clarity of the venue

Once you have assessed the clips, answer the questions below:
– Which installation will ensure you can see the ball in play?
– Which installation will assist an official in determine whether a ball was in or out?
– Which clip is easier for you to watch and less demanding for your eyes?
– Which clip makes you feel you are at the venue itself when watching?

Installed by professionals
As all installations of AAA-LUX LED floodlights are done by trained and skilled professionals, each installation of our LED floodlights assures venue operators and event organisers will benefit from the best illumination possible. The quality is based on the standards set by the WTA and the expectations the organisers want to meet.

All AAA-LUX installing partners are trained to draft the best possible lighting plans and install our luminaires accordingly. They benefit from our vast experience and can rely on the support of the international AAA-LUX structures.