AAA-LUX official partner of Swiss Tennis

The Swiss Tennis Association has signed a partnership with AAA-LUX in Switzerland. Thanks to the agreement the Swiss Tennis Arena in Biel is now illuminated with AAA-LUX LED luminaires. The WTA tennis games that were played during the past Easter Weekend were the fist to benefit from the new illumination.

Apart from illuminating the national training centre, the partnership will also encourage more Swiss tennis clubs to switch to energy efficient and quality LED illumination.

“We are very proud of the partnership with the Swiss Tennis Association. Their national training centre has produced many top players over the years, including Roger Federer and Martina Hingis. At present it is an important academy for talented players like Belinda Bencic and Timea Bascinszky. They require the best circumstances possible, especially during home games where the national pride is at stake. The acceptance of AAA-LUX LED technology by Swiss Tennis is an acknowledgement of the quality of our LED luminaires and our ability to illuminate a tennis court correctly, particularly when matches are being televised ,” Urs Meyer of AAA-LUX Switzerland points out.

Thanks to the agreement the national training centre in Biel is now illuminated with special LED stadium luminaires from the AAA-LUX WS-Series. The installation will benefit both professional and amateur players playing in Biel, says Michel van Dooren of AAA-LUX. “The dynamic controls of the LED luminaires make it possible to provide sufficient illumination to allow HD TV registration while the same luminaires can also be dimmed to illuminate matches at amateur level or training sessions.”

AAA-LUX is already the market leader for LED illumination in Switzerland. It is anticipated tennis clubs will now acknowledge the advantages of LED technology.

Switzerland is the second top-tennis country that selects AAA-LUX technology.

“The RTL Sprioudome in Belgium uses AAA-LUX LED technology since 2016. This is the venue of choice by the Belgian Tennis Association,” Michel van Dooren explains. “Fans who watched tennis matches on TV during the past Easter Weekend will have noticed the improved illumination quality experienced in both Switzerland and Belgium. The color temperature of AAA-LUX LED luminaires matches that of daylight. This enabled fans, both inside the venues as well on TV, officials and players to better track the movement of the ball.”