AAA-LUX is a specialist in 1 on 1 retrofit

Almost 80% of all sports fields started with gas discharge lighting in the past. With heavy and non-dimmable lamps. No sustainable energy efficient lamps.

For a few years now, sports associations have been encouraged to contribute to a better CO2 footprint.

Replacing these energy guzzlers with LED lighting is the simplest and most cost-effective method to improve the CO2 footprint. The light image improves considerably with LED lighting because LED color is true but also dimmable; one does not always have to exercise under 100% light and one does not have to illuminate the entire field (keeper training).

AAA-LUX LED lighting has the great advantage that it can easily replace the existing lighting. Why?

The AAA-LUX fixture has the lowest weight of all professional LED fixtures. In addition, the AAA-LUX fixture has the least windage due to its construction.

Reuse of masts

This allows you as a sports association to save a lot of money because usually in 90% of the cases you can reuse the masts and also use the existing infrastructure (masts and cables). After all, the mast is calculated at 25 KG per fixture and AAA-LUX remains far below that. Meaning that a standard power cable is sufficient because the control is linked to the fixture.

Extra savings

As an extra saving, the AAA-LUX LED fixture is easy to install because the existing situation remains and the sports club saves on installation costs.

The AAA-LUX LED fixture is the retrofit solution for sports clubs who want to become more sustainable with LED.