Peter Vermaas in the spotlight as the new CEO of AAA-LUX

AAA-LUX kicks off the new year with an important announcement. Peter Vermaas has been appointed by the shareholders as CEO of AAA-LUX with effect from 1 January 2021. Peter previously fulfilled the role as CCO of AAA-LUX. This is the next step in the further professionalization and expansion of the organization. AAA-LUX has the ambition to achieve strong and healthy global growth in the coming years.

Sustainable accessible LED lighting

In 2009, AAA-LUX was the first in the world to introduce a LED replacement for 2,000w conventional sports field luminaires. AAA-LUX is now active in more than 50 countries and more than 3000 projects have been realized. Peter Vermaas: “Our goal is to make sustainable LED lighting for high mast applications more accessible worldwide. While AAA-LUX has put a lot of energy into stabilizing its organization and products in the past period, in 2021 our focus will shift to further expanding our sustainable footprint”.

Our worldwide partners are served from the head office in Eindhoven. In addition to our production, our R&D, Service, Quality and Sales Support Team departments are also located in Eindhoven. AAA-LUX also has a branch in Malaysia and Australia from where we can offer local support.

Vermaas: “It is important to be present in strategic regions with support on sales, service, stocks and application in order to be able to serve our partners worldwide with the right speed and quality, we will also continue to do so in the future”.

New powerful Gen7 luminaire

At the same time AAA-LUX introduces the new luminaire Gen7. This makes it possible to produce the same light quality with 15% less luminaires. Vermaas: “In addition, the Gen7 luminaires offer a solution in the prevention of light spill around sports parks that can cause nuisance to homes. The light spill regulations are becoming increasingly demanding, as evidenced by the tightened CIE150 light spill standard. With the RS (Reduced Spill) technology, AAA-LUX is able to remove light spill around sports fields and industrial sites. This means more light on the field and minimal light around it, in accordance with the CIE150 standard”.

With the powerful AAA-LUX luminaires it is possible to re-use existing light masts, which keeps costs low. The combination of more light, lower weight and less light pollution makes AAA-LUX an interesting player for recreational and professional sports clubs worldwide”.

Vermaas: “AAA-LUX is a great group of dedicated people working with a sustainable product that contributes to a better future. A global player with all the expertise in-house, enabling us to respond flexibly to changes in the market and to bring the most innovative products to the market again and again. I have a lot of faith in AAA-LUX. The current organization is ready for our sustainable future!”.

For further questions please contact AAA-LUX Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

AAA-LUX Eindhoven
AAA-LUX Marketing: Minka Dijkstra