Video: Show Lighting Astroballe

AAA-LUX Show lighting in the indoor Basketball Stadium of Astroballe

Hosting over 30 games every year, Astroballe Villeurbanne in Lyon, is one of the largest basketball arenas in France. The professionals of ASVEL basketball team have played in front of thousands in Villeurbanne since 1995. With over 5600 seats in the arena currently stands at sixth place in the national hierarchy. ASVEL Basket, more commonly known as Asvel, is a French professional basketball team located in Villeurbanne, in the suburbs of Lyon.

HD TV recordings
To create suitable lighting for HD cameras, the light required an upgrade that did not only create not only perfect lighting but also allowed the arena to add show elements as well.
AAA-LUX LED luminaires were used in the indoor sports arena. Pitch-perfect lighting was developed for its fans and spectators to watch from any tv screen. HD TV ready, the stadium uses 36 AAA-LUX WS-STAD stadium LED luminaires. Resulting in 2000+ lux vertical lighting with uniformity of over 0.8 from the main camera. The maximum horizonal lighting level is 4000 lux. This means that with this lighting solution, the lighting projected on to the athletes shows up as clear and precise to all the viewers sitting in the arena or even at home. The benefit of this meant that the sports arena could support every possible event within the relevant sports and be HD TV lighting standard certified.

Pharos control system
LED lighting has the benefit over conventional HID luminaires that the lighting intensity can be controlled easily; this is fully adopted and practised in this arena. The levels can be dimmed to save energy during training or provide full brightness during HD recordings. This system is setup for show elements, giving the audience a thrilling game and show experience combined in one system. AAA-LUX chose a Pharos LPC control system for its reliability and to help combine the stadium lighting with show lighting all in one system. The LPC provides an easy platform to program and recall different looks or apply manual overrides when required. With the Pharos control system, Astroballe had an all-in-one control solution for its lighting installation, that can be fully integrated as required. Another benefit of the Pharos system is that it can cope with DALI fixtures, as used at this venue, as well as DMX fixtures, which are available in AAA-LUX’s fixture range as well.