Evening Golf in Dubai

LED lighting at Emirates Golf Club

High temperatures during the day make playing golf in the Middle East not a very attractive idea. To enable games in the relatively cool evenings, Emirates Golf Club in Dubai has lit their complete 18 holes golf course and driving range. Recently the many hundreds of conventional luminaires have been replaced with AAA-LUX LED. This has cut their energy consumption to less than half.

Re-use of infrastructure

The golf course experienced that finding a LED solution that can fit the existing masts and cabling, is not as obvious as it seems. Most LED luminaires that can match the light output of conventional 2kW light fixtures, exceed mast limits in weight and wind surface; they are larger and heavier because of the need for more cooling surface.


Stunning view

Here at this amazingly beautiful golf course, AAA-LUX’  product features made the difference once again. The LED luminaire is the lightest in the market and has the lowest wind resistance using an all-in product including driver, it’s easy and fast to install with minimal additional investment needed. “Also thanks to the wireless controls, things become extremely efficient”, says Raymond Wiggers, Sales Manager at AAA-LUX headquarters in Eindhoven.

In recent years in the Middle East region as well as in Europa, multiple golf projects have been equipped with LED lighting from AAA-LUX. Some even larger than this one in Dubai. “These kinds of beautiful projects are a great addition to the hundreds of projects we carry out each year”, according to Wiggers, adding with a big smile, “and let’s be honest, what a stunning view at Emirates Golf Course in Dubai”.


We like to thank our partner Abacus for cooperation in this project.

Read more about the energy savings at the Emirates Golf Club website.