Case Study Sports field lighting Gueret

The undisputed market leader and innovator in LED sports field lighting

France is under the spell of AAA-LUX sports field lighting

AAA-LUX was the first LED lighting manufacturer to illuminate a complete football field with LED lighting according to the official French regulations in France. This was recognized in 2015 and classified by the Fédération Française de Football. The football field in the French town Gueret is also illuminated with AAA-LUX LED lighting.

Gueret, all reasons to relax
The quiet and peaceful town Gueret, capital of Creuse in the Limousin, is surrounded by beautiful nature. It is a wonderful holiday destination, where relaxation is the keyword. After the purchase of AAA-LUX LED lighting, the local football club is also able to relax a bit more. After the installation of the new LED lighting system, their football field has better and more uniform lighting, the club can determine the light intensity and save immensely on annual electricity costs. All of this with a field that fulfils the quality requirements and standards of the French football association.

France introduced to high quality LED lighting
In France, AAA-LUX collaborates with their renowned distribution partner Céphée Led. Manager Denis Beauvois: “We are specialized in the distribution of LED lighting products. AAA-LUX, world class leader in LED flood lighting for high mast applications, has exceptional quality products for precise and powerful lighting, while simultaneously decreasing the energy consumption of sports clubs, ports and industrial areas. We are pleased to provide France with a proven illumination technology.”

Striking energy savings thanks to LED lighting
Gueret and France are now experiencing the advantages due to AAA-LUX LED lighting. “Every sports club, where the lights are turned on between 400 and 1000 hours annually, primarily focus on reducing the energy consumption. Replacement of conventional light by LED lighting on a sports ground could already save up to 40%. Furthermore, there is the possibility to dim the lights, to only illuminate part of the field or to decrease light intensity during, for instance, practice. Thanks to this high directional lighting, the football club of Gueret could save 50% to 70% on energy costs,” Denis Beauvois mentions. In addition, projectors of AAA-LUX work without inrush current.

Top quality products
Meanwhile, AAA-LUX has introduced the 6th generation of LED luminaires. Since the first generation, the projectors have evolved to such an extent, thanks to ultra-modern technologies, that they meet the needs of the target group even better. “These new LED luminaires are well built and practically have no loss of power. The current luminaires, weighing only 22 kg, are very light and have a low wind yield. These LED luminaires of 1550 W provide just as much light as a conventional luminaire of 2200 W. AAA-LUX uses wireless technology, making extra wiring unnecessary. Also, the color temperature of 5.200 Kelvin enables a better contrast. Fast balls on the tennis court will be more visible. Moreover, in most cases, the existing infrastructure can be re-used. All of this together is remarkably unique in the field of lighting,“ Beauvois explains.

France is ready for LED lighting
The sports fields in France are eager to improve their lighting solutions against better terms for sports clubs. “Our goal is to acquaint France further to AAA-LUX LED lighting. We focus on sports fields in France, in particular the small and medium-sized sports fields, although we have already installed LED lighting at several professional clubs. For the most effective lighting, we therefore collaborate closely with the French sport associations. France is definitely ready for LED lighting. Soon we will provide the football field of Stade Leo Lagrange with AAA-LUX lighting,” Beauvois says.

Keep developing and innovating
AAA-LUX keeps developing her LED lighting products. The demands and needs of customers and other relevant parties, such as (inter)national sport associations, are therefore closely taken into account. “It is a great challenge to keep improving our products. Staying innovative in technology to create even better lighting that is more savings conscious. This way we introduce France to AAA-LUX and ensure that our LED luminaires become a standard in the field of lighting because of its excellent quality,” Van Dooren from AAA-LUX concludes.