Burleigh Heads Bowls Club

Another great project for AAA-LUX in Australia.

This time at the Burleigh Heads Bowls Club, situated close to the beautiful Australian Gold Coast. In this area there is a natural spirit here found in the incredible beaches, the oceans, the surf and the cool waterfalls and deep forests in the hinterland. But there is a human spirit too, dedicated to family, vitality and having the time of your life.

And they also play bowls, at the Burleigh Heads Bowls Club. This welcoming club has a relaxing atmosphere. Here, regardless of age, many people come together to play this outdoor game. In 2019 the Bowls Club wanted to change from conventional lighting to LED lighting, so they decided to team up with AAA-LUX. Their lawns have pristine conditions with full size greens which are floodlit for Night Bowls. Here they can train and play competition all night long.

AAA-LUX LED offers the club bright light in the night, with high quality & high uniformity. Energy consumption is reduced during games. The design of AAA-LUX allows re-use of existing masts and cabling which keeps investment as low as possible. Thanks to wireless controls and fast scene selection, the system is easy to operate.

Burleigh Heads Bowls Club have a great facility with high quality LED lighting, where their hours of joy has now been expanded.

Big thanks to Arealux for realizing this project!