BOSA subsidy scheme adjusted!

In 2020, the BOSA subsidy scheme will change compared to 2019

The BOSA scheme (promotion of the construction and maintenance of sports facilities) subsidizes 20% of the costs for the construction or maintenance of sports facilities. When a sustainable investment is made, such as the purchase of AAA-LUX LED sports field lighting, as a sports association you are entitled to an additional 10% subsidy. In 2020 you can therefore receive a total of 30% subsidy on your investment in LED lighting!

First come, first served!

For the year 2020, a total budget of € 80 million is available for the BOSA subsidy scheme. For every sports club there are equal opportunities to claim a subsidy within the budget. However, it is true that the club that completes the application first is also more likely to claim the subsidy. If you are planning to invest in LED lighting, you would therefore do well not to wait until the end of the year. AAA-LUX has a lot of experience in applying for a subsidy for LED sports field lighting, we are happy to share this experience with you! Please rest assured Contact for more information or tailor-made advice.

Amount of the investment

To be eligible for the BOSA scheme, your subsidy application must contain at least € 5,000. With a sustainable investment, which therefore includes the purchase of LED lighting, this amounts to 30% of the total investment. That minimum investment therefore includes € 16,667. The total investment must be made within a maximum period of 12 months. For investments above € 25,000, 80% of the subsidy amount is paid in advance, the remaining 20% will be made available after completion.


AAA-LUX is fully aware of the subsidy schemes regarding LED lighting and has a lot of experience in successfully completing subsidy applications, we are happy to share this knowledge with you. If you want to claim a subsidy through the BOSA scheme, it is best to take action as soon as possible, because the subsidy budget is divided in the order of receipt of complete applications. Please feel free to contact us for support in the application or for tailor-made advice!

source: DUS-I (Service Implementation Subsidies to Institutions)