Video: Covid-19 update

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success”

Both the professional as well as the recreational sports world, has come to an almost full stop. The Olympic Games and the European Championships Football have been postponed. Sports accommodations are temporarily closed and airports and seaports have reduced traffic. While the global measures to contain Covid-19 have significant effects, AAA-LUX sympathizes with customers and partners in all sectors.

We have taken all necessary measures at the factories and offices in The Netherlands, Malaysia and Australia, to minimize health risks for everyone involved.

For some it is crucial to know that AAA-LUX supports ongoing activities. A large part of the supply chain is in operation and AAA-LUX is able to supply LED luminaires at short notice.  
We offer remote sales and after sales support.

Please stay healthy and supportive of each other.

Feel free to give us a call when needed.

Our partner from Abatec (CZ) taking safety measures while working.