Overweegt u om de overstap te maken van conventionele verlichting naar LED verlichting? Vul dan de besparingscalculator hieronder in! Zo kunt u voor uzelf een inschatting van uw energiekosten, de besparing door aanschaf van AAA-LUX LED verlichting en de terugverdientijd van uw investering, berekenen!

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Current situation
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What are you lighting?
What kind of area needs to be illuminated?
Number of masts
Current number of luminaires
Energy consumption per luminaire (in kWh)
Conventional lighting on sportfields has an energy consumption of 2 kWh in most cases. In other occasions we also see lighting with an energy consumption of 1 kWh or 1,5 kWh.
What are your enerycosts per kWh? (in €)
The avarage energy cost in Europe is €0,21, this may differ per country.
For how many hours do you use your lighting on average, per day?
How many days per week do you use your lighting?
How many weeks a year do you use your lighting?
What is your current annual maintenance cost/depreciation per luminaire? (in €)?
From our experience we know that the maintenance cost and depreciation of conventional lighting together are €100,- a year on average
Are you planning to dim your lighting?
AAA-LUX LED lighting makes it possible for you to dim your lighting. This means that you can choose to not use lighting on full power when this is not needed. This way you save on your energy consumption and costs.
Do you expect to obtain any grants when investing in LED lighting?
In some countries investing in LED lighting is supported by its government and therefore it’s somtimes possible to obtain a grant for your investment. AAA-LUX & AAA-LUX partners are happy to give you advise on receiving grants.
What percentage of the total investment do you expect this grant to be?
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