Wahgunyah Tennis – Victoria (AUS)  – An unprecedented upgrade in lighting

Wahgunyah Tennis

Cost savings and efficiencies with installation and control were the decisive factors for Wahgunyah Tennis Club in Wahgunyah, Victoria. The club is home to tennis as well to netball. 

Wahgunyah Tennis Club had some special demands for their new lighting installation. Specification stated 200Lux for netball, while achieving Club Competition standard for tennis. With basically no obtrusive light boundaries come into play, we provided a design that would meet some of the tightest of spill light margins. This ultimately leads to more light on the court. With the ability to get the light where its needed, energy savings can also come in the form of dimming.

With several design characteristics presented in the specifications to be met, we added a control box and switch box. The latter is received by the users as a convenient way to turn the lights off without having access to a phone.

We were very happy to receive the club’s positive feedback. In their own experience, the lighting was outstanding. The improvement that Wahgunyah Tennis Club received from the upgrade was unprecedented and one of the best results that, as they said, Positive Electrical Services has been involved in. In their experience the light levels, light distribution, uniformity and spill light control were on point. 

Loads of satisfaction

The Wahgunyah assignment is one we look back upon with loads of satisfaction. At this club, many things came together that led to this joint succes. Or as the spokes person at Wahgunyah states: “The results of the design and build prove that AAA-Lux can match and surpass other leading suppliers within the industry.”