ISO Certification

TÜV The Netherlands has confirmed that the AAA-LUX quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 compliant. The confirmation applies to all steps and procedures AAA-LUX has in place to ensure that all quality and service related queries are being dealt with correctly and in a timeous manner.

The entire quality management system of AAA-LUX was assessed during the first part of 2017.

‘This certification confirms that AAA-LUX has the ability to deliver products that meet the requirements of the end-user and of the applicable laws. It also confirms that we are able to enhance the end-user satisfaction by using this organisation’s management system effectively,’ Ronald Jakobs, Operations Manager at AAA-LUX explains. ‘We have always strived to deliver the highest quality possible and even allowed it to define the unique design and shape of AAA-LUX luminaires. Every so often people point out the typical design of our luminaires. Once we explain that this is in the interest of the quality and durability of the luminaire and the illumination quality it produces, it is accepted immediately.’

Being ISO 9001:2015 certified means that AAA-LUX handles reclamations of both its customers and suppliers according to best practices.

Jakobs points out that it is becoming increasingly important to be ISO compliant. ‘Contrary to a conventional luminaire, a LED luminaire contains many components that define and influence the final quality of the luminaire or the light it produces. The certification confirms that we have the required procedures in place to ensure that every single luminaire is of the highest standard that satisfies the end-user and sets us apart from manufacturers that are willing to cut corners in order to maintain their margins or to compensate their lack of knowledge or understanding of LED technology.’