AAA-LUX puts new spark in claim

The official opening of the new factory of AAA-LUX has put a new spark into the claim that Eindhoven city is the cradle of modern illumination. AAA-LUX is the first illumination specialist to make significant investments in the city in many years.
The new AAA-LUX factory was opened this weekend. Partners, suppliers and family members were given an opportunity to visit the new laboratories, R&D (product innovation) offices and production line during the two-day event.

The opening comes hot on the heels of several other significant developments at AAA-LUX. The company is now also ISO compliant.

‘In this new building everything comes together,’ AAA-LUX CEO Erik Swennen says. ‘It couldn’t have come at a better moment as the market for LED floodlights is starting to mature. With LED technology being more and more accepted internationally, it is good to know that the quality of our systems and procedures are now officially endorsed by ISO. We now have the facility and ability to live up our claim of providing the best LED floodlights available as well as having the capacity to deliver the volume requested.’

In his speech Swennen pointed out that the new location at Fijenhof 4 in Eindhoven, has the capacity to keep trend with the growing demand for AAA-LUX technology. ‘Over the past 3 years we have been experiencing a year-on-year growth that was significantly higher than we initially had projected. Our sales this year will already exceed what we had anticipated for.’ Swennen foresees that AAA-LUX will expand its production capacity significantly within the next two years to ensure it can continue answering all calls for new products and luminaires.

The official opening of the new AAA-LUX factory has put another spark in the saying that Eindhoven is the cradle of modern illumination!