Stena Line selects AAA-LUX

The results of a pilot project which started in 2016 at the terminal of Stena Line Hoek van Holland have been well-received by the ferry company. Therefor the Stena Line management has now decided to illuminate the entire terminal, as well as the terminal at Europoort, with AAA-LUX LED technology.

Stena Line is one of Europe’s biggest ferry companies. Their 35 ships service 18 ferry routes in Scandinavia, the Irish Sea and the North Sea.

Their terminal in Hoek van Holland is very important to the company as it is the only Stena Line terminal that receives ships, cargo and passengers for multiple destinations.

AAA-LUX partner AN Techniek from Ridderkerk will take on the task to install the Stena Line Hoek van Holland terminal and the Stena Line Europoort terminal with AAA-LUX technology. The company is an important partner for AAA-LUX as they were vital in previous installations. Several years ago, AN Techniek successfully installed AAA-LUX LED technology at the terminal of P&O in the port of Rotterdam too.

AN Techniek will use various luminaires from the AL-Series to illuminate the terminals. These luminaires provide illumination in a 60, 90, 180 or 360 degree circle. The luminaires can be connected to a smart lighting control and management system that will allow for dimming the luminaires or connecting the luminaires to sensors. Companies that use smart technology will benefit from additional savings in energy cost as the terminal will only be lit when it is being used.

With the Stena Line Hoek van Holland terminal and the Stena Line Europoort terminal also moving to AAA-LUX LED technology, a growing number of logistical hubs makes use of this technology. The all-important Maasvlakte II railway marshalling yard at the Port of Rotterdam has already been using AAA-LUX technology since 2013.

Other ports where AAA-LUX LED technology is used include areas at the Port of Ijmuiden, the Port of Amsterdam, the Port of Southampton (UK), the Port of Aarhus (Denmark), the Port of Ravenna (Italy), the Port of Beira (Mozambique) as well as ports at Aruba, New Zealand and the Solomon Islands.