FC Mels invests in the future

Swiss football club FC Mels has invested in its future by having AAA-LUX LED luminaires installed. The club currently plays in the Swiss 2nd Division however, the technology is capable to provide an illumination quality required in the 1st Division. If needs be, the AAA-LUX technology can also easily be upgraded to meet Super League standards.

The investment in AAA-LUX LED technology makes FC Mels the first football club in the Eastern section of Switzerland to adopt the AAA-LUX technology. The luminaires were installed by AAA-LUX Switzerland. ‘These luminaires provide light that is much brighter than I had anticipated,’ FC Mels president Andreas Scherrer admits. ‘It is like it is the middle of the day,’ he remarks while attending a training session at night.

FC Mels replaces US Arbedo as the football club with the brightest illumination in Switzerland. In 2016 US Arbedo became the first Swiss football club to invest in LED technology. They also chose AAA-LUX LED technology.

As FC Mels has experienced a significant growth over the past two decades, the floodlights will also help scheduling all activities more effectively. ‘The new floodlights are a major step forward,’ Scherrer points out. ‘We are no longer restricted in terms of training sessions or kick-off times for our main team.’

FC Mels is in good company. Many tennis clubs in Switzerland also make use of AAA-LUX LED technology. AAA-LUX is even partner of Swiss Tennis. Don’t be surprised when you’ll see FC Mels soon competing in the highest league. Virtually any club that invested in AAA-LUX LED technology has experienced a boost.