SPAL is ready for the UEFA Champions League!

Light produced by the new AAA-LUX floodlights for Italian Serie A football club SPAL has been approved by the Italian football federation. The approval is a significant achievement as AAA-LUX has managed to produce HD quality illumination with only 200 luminaires fitted on four masts.

Light produced from luminaires fitted on a mast, bridge a much longer distance compared to light produced by a luminaire fitted underneath the stadium canopy. As few companies have the knowledge and quality luminaires to have this achieved, most producers prefer installing underneath the canopy. This is less demanding on the quality of their luminaires.

The club and AAA-LUX teamed up in 2013 when the SPAL made it into the Lega Pro. As all matches in this league are being televised in HD, SPAL was forced to improve the illumination quality at its stadium. AAA-LUX took on the challenge with the AAA-LUX WS-STAD luminaires, a LED luminaire developed specifically for use in stadium environments. The intensity and ability of directing the light-beam makes this luminaire very suitable for venues that require the best possible LED illumination of the highest standard.

The new floodlights were a big help to SPAL as they became champion in 2016. A year later, SPAL lifted the trophy again when they were crowned champion in the Italian Serie B.

This season SPAL is playing the Serie A, the highest league in the Italian domestic competition and probably one of the most demanding leagues in the world. The club is currently sitting comfortably mid-table.

The home ground of SPAL is now also compliant with EUFA regulations Level A. Should SPAL continue its fairy-tale journey in the Italian football league by becoming champion again, they now know for sure they will also be allowed to play their Champions League matches at home.

Thanks to the upgraded floodlights at their home venue SPAL will be a force to reckon with when they play at home.